The Unit Horses

The mounted unit of the Baltimore City Police Department was founded in 1888, and has a storied tradition as one of the oldest continuously operated mounted police divisions in the United States.

There are currently six horses at work in the unit.

The horses are the largest members of the police department. Weighing an average of 1500 lbs these draft and draft-cross breeds are bred for their gentle nature and strong build. 

BIG D 12-6.JPG

Big D

One of the lead horses in the unit. He loves treats and visitors.

Dino was donated by an officer's family.                              

Color: Palomino



Porter is a Standardbred Cross.  He has been with the unit for over 6 Years. 

Porter was rescued by last Chance Ranch and adopted by the BPD.

Color: Bay



The biggest horse on the unit. Herc is over 18 hands (about 6ft) at his shoulder!

Herc was rescued by Last Chance Ranch & adopted by the BPD.

Color: Dapple Grey



Slurpee is the youngest horse in the unit, he's only 5. He is the 2nd horse named Slurpee that has served the unit. 

He was rescued by Last Chance Ranch and his adoption by the BPD was made possible by a generous donation from 7-11.

Color: Black

PAX 12-6.JPG


Pax has been with the unit since 2016. He is a nine year old spotted draft.

Pax was rescued by Last Chance Ranch & adopted by the BPD.

Color: Spotted



Blair is the oldest horse in the Unit at 19 years strong. He continues to challenge the younger horses to keep up. 

In his previous career, Blair used to pull the produce cart to the Green Dragon Market in PA. 

Color:  Palomino